Happiness it hurt like a bullet in the mind, stuck them up drainpipes by someone who should know better than that. The dog days are over.

Lots of love

Posted in Uncategorized by Bleu Spleen on giugno 3, 2010

Yesterday I watched Unglorious Basterds at Micchi’s. It totally is one of my favorite movies now, and not just for the nazi uniforms. I’m crazy about nazi uniforms, they’re like the sexiest thing ever and I’m not even joking.

Holidays have just started, I can’t wait to promener on the beach or have a swim in the sea, or in a lake, which I prefer because I can’t swim underwater with my eyes easily open, without getting them all red from the salt or the chlorine.

I can’t wait to leave for Spain actually 🙂 I should be there in August, but there’s the Gackt’s european tour (Gackt is a well known japanese idol) and it seems some friends of mine want to go to the one in Barça in July, so maybe I’ll follow them haha 😀 (but if they choose London or Munich or Paris I’m not complaining…)

I love travelling, I would travel with just a backpack and a camera on my own. I’m not the type with giant trolley cases, I can leave with just few clothes (and sometimes return with lots of them).

Also Germany, would you kindly invade us?


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  1. japantoypanic said, on giugno 3, 2010 at 4:35 pm

    Bastardi senza gloria è piaciuto tantissimo anche a me! ♥
    un concerto di Gackt.. ho i brividi al suolo pensiero XD


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